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Blue Barron's


Audience participation that never fails to create a great fun atmosphere is guaranteed & the horn blowing & drinking competitions are highly contagious! They inspire people to have fabulous fun and really enjoy themselves.

You can be totally confident you are getting the finest, most experienced Oompah musicians and performers. What would you expect from a band who have perfected their trade in the entertainment city of Blackpool and travelled the UK performing.

Appropriately geared up in appropriate, festive traditional Bavarian style costumes they keeps the beer flowing & the rip roaring party atmosphere bubbling along. The live band themselves always have a great time doing it!

Their infectious performance is there for all to see. They play at charity fundraising events, Armed Forces functions, company and corporate occasions and private parties. They are undoubtedly one of the most sought after Oompah bands in the whole of the UK.

Yodelling Competition: From members of the Audience.
Beer Drinking: With a Lead Stein for one contestant who will lose because its so heavy they can't lift it one handed. 
Horn Blowing: Male and female competitions.
The Mad Professors Band: Band instruments for selected members of the audience all play a solo and then follow the leader around the room. 
The Logging Race: Logs thrown over the ladies shoulders to be caught by there partners in a basket 15- 20 feet away. 
Fire Eating & Body Burning performed by The Mad Professor.
Sword Walking & Bed of Nails Stunts performed by The Mad Professor.
Knives, Swords, and Axe throwing Stunts performed by The Mad Professor.


Blue Barron's

Blue Barron's


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