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Murder Mystery


An alternative entertainment for your customers?
Something special to close a corporate event?
Perhaps a special celebration needs a special entertainment?

With over 50 different plots and scenarios available and our unique brand of murder, mayhem and mirth, we have something to suit everyone. Whether you’re a super sleuth or just want a good night out, our murder mystery events are for you.

We have themed events for all eras and occasions, from traditional English country manor mysteries, to modern day dramas.

Shows are team based, suitable for all ages and can be performed to audiences sizes ranging from 10 to 150.

Our shows can be tailored to suit your needs whether daytime or evening, 3 course meals or buffets, or even a full weekend. We will build and event to your specific requirements.

Simply provide an audience and the catering, and leave the rest to us.
As detectives, you will be tasked with answering three questions.

Who committed the murder?
How was the murder committed?
Why was the murder committed?

As teams enjoy the start of their meal, they receive some clues to help them start their investigation. There is, however, work to be done before the main course is served.

Our master of ceremonies will put detectives at ease and introduce the event. Detectives will then be introduced to the suspects as our team of professional actor’s present evidence which is vital to the detective's enquiries. Watch and listen very carefully detectives as you will soon confront the suspects face to face as they visit each teams to be interrogated. As your investigation gathers momentum more evidence will be presented, and further interrogation will take place. Following the second, and final interrogation teams are then given some time to deliberate, before submitting their conclusions.*

Once the Master Of Ceremonies reads out team's answers (and makes any necessary remarks about their efforts), the actors will then show exactly what happened! The event closes with a presentation to the winning team of detectives.

With genuine interaction and the emphasis on fun, Murder Mystery Productions can guarantee you an evening to die for.


Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery


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