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Chimney Sweep


Did you know that it's good luck to see a chimney sweep on your wedding day, and most especially to shake his hand or be kissed by him?

Many chimney sweeps today are still invited to weddings to help assure a good start to a happy marriage. The tradition goes back, so it is said, to a chimney sweep who lost his footing and fell from a roof.

He was hanging by his foot when a young lass, whose hand was intended for another, reached through the window and pulled him in, caught on the gutter saving his life.They fell in love and the two were later married.

What Do You Get?

- Greet and Kiss the bride
- Shake the groom's hand
- Present the newly wed couple with a souvenir coal figurine for good luck
- Present the newly wed couple with a framed good luck verse - containing the couple's names, venue & date
- Can also attend with two younger sweeps dressed in traditional chimney sweep outfits.


Chimney Sweep

Chimney Sweep


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