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Bernard Manning


The ULTIMATE tribute show!! Robert Young associates presents RICKY LANE as BERNARD MANNING!! .... Most tribute artistes have a weakness, either the look is right but the voice/act is weaker or vice versa..... NOT WITH THIS ACT!!

I purposely premiered the show at the spiritual home of Bernard Manning... The world famous EMBASSY CLUB Manchester, which Bernard ran for over 40 years the packed house consisted of hundreds of long standing Bernard fans PLUS the entire Manning family.... the reaction was “WOW”...! ! Ricky enjoyed a standing ovation and Bernard Manning Jr commented, “I just could not believemy eyes and ears. I could have sworn it was my Dad working on that stage”!!....

NOTE! There is no overtly racist material in this show however the sledgehammer jokes, one liners, AND language remain! The show is NOT for the easily offended, but IS incredibly funny........... The show is available as a stand alone act, or with the original support of JANICE YORKE who toured with Bernard for 15 years. Janice is a superb comedienne and singer in her own right, and makes a perfect balance to the show. Give your clients an unforgettable night of comedy and song from the best in the business, and leave them shouting for more!


Bernard Manning

Bernard Manning


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